New York - Rochester Ban the Box Law

If you work or are seeking employment in the City of Rochester, you are covered under the “Fair Chance Screening” laws. In Rochester, both public and private employers cannot ask you or force you to reveal information about your criminal history until after your initial interview. The initial interview means you either have “direct contact, by phone or in person” with the prospective employer and you discuss either the position or your qualifications. Exceptions to this policy include applicants for the City of Rochester Police or Fire Departments.

Additionally, the City of Rochester has an appeal process that you can use if you feel an employer has violated this policy. If the employer has discriminated against you because of your criminal history, you can either file a civil action or seek injunctive relief. You have one year to file a claim after the date of the alleged violation. When filing charges against an employer, you do not have to specify what legal remedies you are seeking.

If you are able to show that an employer has wrongfully refused to hire you, you are entitled to some relief for your legal fees. Additionally, the Corporate Counsel of Rochester may impose fines up to $1000 if the courts find the employer discriminated against you.

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Rochester Ban the Box Law