Common RAP Sheet Errors

Your RAP sheet may contain errors. Employers may have access to your criminal record and you want to make sure that the information is accurate.

Here are five common RAP sheet errors:

  1. Incomplete Entries: An arrest was reported, but the outcome (disposition) is not listed. Where the outcome should be, the RAP sheet will say “no disposition reported,” or it will be blank. This is a problem when applying for jobs because employers may assume you were convicted of the charge or that there is a warrant out for your arrest.
  2. Incorrect Entries: RAP sheets sometimes contain errors about your convictions, youthful offender status, or the charges listed due to computer mistakes and/or human error.
  3. Double Entries: If one arrest/incident gets split into two separate entries on your RAP sheet, your record will appear longer and more serious than it actually is.
  4. Open Warrants: Warrants that should be closed may still appear to be open on a RAP sheet.
  5. Sealed Cases: Your case may be sealed and the RAP sheet shows it as a conviction.

See the Legal Rights tab to learn about sealing arrests and convictions.