Florida - Fix Your RAP Sheet

If you find an error on your Florida RAP sheet, you must ask the arresting agency or court in the county where the error occurred to investigate. This is called a "challenge." The arresting agency or court must decide if there is an error, fix it, and notify the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). There is no fee for a record challenge. 

You may also ask the FDLE to investigate the error. If you have a Personal Review record, you can use the same application for the Personal Review record to challenge the record. You will need to resubmit your fingerprint card.

Use this Application for Personal Review of Florida Criminal History Record to submit to the FDLE:

Application for Personal Review of Florida Criminal History Record

For the latest version, please visit the FDLE website here: Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Please print this form or complete using a computer. If you have trouble editing this form on your computer, try using the Chrome web browser.

On page one of this form, "Section 2" asks whether you have your record. Then on page two of the form, there is a question whether your record is inaccurate or incomplete.

Once you've completed the form, and you have your fingerprint card and a copy of your criminal record showing the error, mail it all to the FDLE. Send it to this address:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Attn: Quality Control Section
P.O.Box 1489

Tallahassee, FL 32302-1489


More Information About Fixing Your Record

If you have questions, call the FDLE Quality Control Section at (850) 410-7898.