New Jersey – How to Get Your RAP Sheet

The New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Criminal Information Unit (CIU) holds all state criminal history records. These records are not open to the public, but they are available to certain authorized individuals under state law; including law enforcement, courts, and some employers. The NJSP only keeps records for New Jersey offenses, including convictions, pending arrests, and charges.

To get your criminal history record, submit a form and your fingerprints to the NJSP. To access the NJSP online instructions, visit the NJSP website here: Instructions for Obtaining your Criminal History Record.

Here are the five steps to get your criminal record from the NJSP:

  1. Fill out the appropriate Universal Fingerprint form. There are two forms, form A and form B. Form A is more commonly used. Form B is used for purposes that require notarization like international adoption or foreign business purposes. To access the appropriate forms, visit the NJSP website here: Form A and Form B.
  2. Find a location to get your fingerprints taken. IDEMIA USA is the official electronic fingerprint vendor for the state of New Jersey. You must go to an IDEMIA location to get your fingerprints taken. To find an IDEMIA location, visit the IdentGo website here: IDEMIA Locations.
  3. Make an appointment to get fingerprinted. To make an appointment online, visit New Jersey Fingerprinting services here: New Jersey Fingerprinting Services. You can also schedule an appointment over the phone at (877) 503-5981. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00 pm, or Saturday from 8:00AM to 12:00 PM. 
  4. Pay the fee. Payment is required when you schedule your fingerprinting appointment. The fee amount is deducted from your account immediately. You can pay by credit card, prepaid debit card, or an electronic debit from a checking account. The total fee is $42.80, which includes the fee for your record, the fingerprinting fee of $12, and New Jersey sales tax.
  5. Get fingerprinted. When you go to your appointment, bring your completed Universal Fingerprint form and a valid photo ID. Only one ID will be accepted. Your home address on the ID must match your home address on the application form. If you miss your scheduled appointment, cancel without providing enough notice, or fail to bring your completed Universal Fingerprint form, you will only be refunded $12.80.

You will receive your criminal history record by mail after 10 business days. If you do not receive your criminal history record within 10 business days, or if you have any questions regarding your criminal history record, contact the CIU of the NJSP at (609) 882-2000, ext. 2918.